About US

"Praise GOD The Almighty for HIS Blessing and HIS protection to all of us. We believe that there is no achievement without effort and hard work. That is the foundation of our principles"
Willson Sastroamijoyo
Commissioner PT Samudera Mulia Abadi

Our History of Business

PT. SAMUDERA MULIA ABADI (PT. SMA) began its business activities in the field of Heavy Equipment Rental. Beginning with the supply of Heavy Equipment for Exploration activity in the PT. Arafura Surya Alam (J Resources – Doup Site – Kotabunan), Heavy Equipment Support at PT. SAGO PRIMA PRATAMA (PT. SPP – Seruyung Site) and activities of mining service at PT. J Resources Bolaang Mongondow Lanut Site & Bakan Site – North Sulawesi. PT. SMA is one of the main contractors at the PT. SPP (Seruyung Site) that fully support of land clearing, exploration, construction, mining and gold mining activities. In early 2012, PT. SMA joined PT. J Resources Bolaang Mongondow site Lanut and support the mining activities. With the support from PT. SMA, the production could be achieved beyond the target. In early 2016, PT. SMA commenced a new mining project with Subsidiary of Rajawali Group: PT. MSM / PT. TTN – Toka Tindung Gold Mine Project located at Likupang – North Sulawesi.


deliver a ‘win-win solution’ to achieve goals together with the client as a partner


  • Providing the best performance to customers both in the form of the application of the best mining technology and professional human resources.
  • Support the continuous improvement of core values that exist in the applicable standards of quality, health, safety and environmental protection.
  • Provide positive added value to shareholders, customers, employees and the community around the company’s operating areas.

P.u.s.h & D.R.i.v.e

are company culture to measure and to ensure the quality of the company meet the standards.


We feel proud to companies that have a standard, culture and values that can be applied in every aspect of the job


There is always a unity in diversity. With unity the company believe that PT SMA can overcome every obstacle.


No compromise in this aspect. Every line of works must prioritize the safety.


The important thing in life is the harmony between work and life. When the work life is balanced, we can be sure that the company asset is at the top performance.


of the workers is a priority to all. It helps the company managing the working environment


Every individual in our company must be responsible for their tast. All shall end up with the company's accountability.


Expanding the company depends on their innovations. It helps the company to explore all possibilities to achieve higher goals.


We hold our core values to create a solid company culture. That is P.U.S.H (Pride, Unity, Safety, Harmony)


We tried to remain efficient in carrying out any work in order to achieve best return.

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